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    To make our prints, we use heat transfer techniques using 375 F and 75 psi. This helps ensure the print’s durability over time. To execute our print we use special printing paper. This paper can go up to 11” x 17” inches in size. The heat transfer technique is great for printing complex photos or logos with lots of color and detail. We also use vinyl printing for solid color prints that have fewer details and more basic shapes.
    No there is no minimum order quantity. However, if you have a bulk order to make, contact us because we offer discounts.
    Most orders get processed on the same day the order was placed. If not, allow for a next day processing. If it’s a bulk order, or if we do not have the stock in store, then allow for an additional 24 to 48 hours of processing time.
    Best practice is to avoid the dryer at all times. It also helps to wash with cold water, and inside out.
    Absolutely! Just make sure it’s never been worn, and that its cotton or polyester with a maximum of 5% spandex.